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Learn to Drive Smart Guide Download the full guide

April 25, 2013



Learn to Drive Smart

Are you a new driver getting ready for a knowledge or road test? Or a more experienced driver just wanting to brush up your skills? Then take some time to study the B.C. driving guide, Learn to Drive Smart.

Study Learn to Drive Smart

Learn to Drive Smart is available in print and online:

Make sure to read the whole guide—it’ll increase your chances of passing your test.

Download chapters

Prefer reading in smaller pieces? Download the chapters you need, when you need them:

Chapter Topic
Intro Using this guide (pages 1-4)
1 You in the driver’s seat (pages 5-12)
2 You and your vehicle (pages 13-28)
3 Signs, signals and road markings (pages 29-40)
4 Rules of the road (pages 41-58)
5 See-Think-Do (pages 59-80)
6 Sharing the road (pages 81-98)
7 Personal strategies (pages 99-114)
8 Emergency strategies (pages 115-134)
9 Your licence (pages 135-156)
10 Need to know more? (pages 157-158)
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