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Every end is a new beginning like the chapters in a book

April 16, 2013

new year day


On  the New Year’s day (2070) morning at 9 about 40+ individuals started the field trip.  The first destination was Ram Krishna Mandir at the Vedic Cultural Centre of BC – Richmond. By the time we reached few people were in and they had just begun bajan/kitan. Our folks joined them and slowly other devotees, mostly Indian and few Nepalis joined the function for about 2 hours. We were warmly welcomed. The priest, temple committee members, and the guest priest from India and other volunteers took good care of us as well as they referred to our heritage, culture, country, and our friendly nature several times during their speeches. We certainly felt very privileged. In addition they extended their help; some volunteers took contacts of our folks to establish future communication and foster relationships. Some Nepali devotees too expressed to be in touch and help find jobs for our youths. We had very delicious lunch after aarati and kirtan.

DSC_0754 DSC_0757DSC_0765 DSC_0773

Some expressed desire to visit the Thrangu Monastery that is next to the Hindu temple. We entered and initiated hello to Lamas in English in return they greeted in Nepali language—we were thrilled and astounded. It turned out to be that all six Lamas are Nepali and it is a Nepali Monastery. What can one expect more than that? The visit to the Monastry reminded Bhutan to many of our folks. After that we went to Mahalaxmi temple in Vancouver which was already closed but they opened just for us and greeted with Prasad and Blessings.



I had never seen our BN community members so pleased and so content. Every one found the experience very humbling, fulfilling, and sacred. They also had never seen their community people being received so well in Canada. I was very pleased that community got opportunity to network with other groups. In addition, now community members are thinking of chipping in few bucks from each family to go on a trip during the summer. I think this trip has opened new avenue of networking within the larger cultural community. The BN community is very grateful to the  organizers, ISS of BC and Finding Our Voices. It was certainly a beautiful way to wrap up the project and begin a new year which reminds me Hardit’s poem

“Every end is a new beginning,

like the chapters in a book,

By faith we reach out expectantly

turn the page and take a look”.







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