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What is a newsletter and how to create one?

March 24, 2013


On March 22, 2011 Posted in Business By Ozzy Mirza

what is a newsletter

Definition of a Newsletter

Ever single business entity wishes to see itself evolve in to a more & more profitable entity with every passing day. To achieve this purpose, firms spend vast sums of money and extended durations of time on their advertisement & marketing campaigns. However,businesses wish to be effective as well i.e. get the most out by investing comparatively less. This is where a newsletter becomes extremely handy. Of course it doesn’t beat word-of-mouth marketing in terms of cost, but newsletters are the next big thing.

Writing a Newsletter

In order to get the most out of your firm’s newsletter you first need to know what is a newsletter and how to write a newsletter? Once you have these two points engraved in your mind, creating a newsletter will be as easy as ABC!

What is the purpose of  a newsletter?

A newsletter is used as a publication (periodical, pamphlet etc) that gets circulated out to its subscribers after a regular time interval. The publication, by and large, pertains to a focal point that the subscribers are interested to find out more about. And keeping in line with that concept, you want to ensure that more than 90 percent of the periodical is filled with information to be delivered with the remaining 5 percent or less talking about you. If utilized and executed properly, a newsletter – regardless of whether it’s an email newsletter or a printed newsletter format – can do wonders for your marketing endeavors.

What makes the newsletter such an effective marketing tool for businesses?

What makes a newsletter such a strong tool is that it helps establish brand equity & strengthen your bond with the consumers. Not only will it ensure that people stay updated with developments at your end but it also opens venues for e-marketing since you can develop a web-based shopping portal and place its link on the newsletter. This would allow people to choose either to shop at your physical facility or simply place online orders to get whatever they want. In addition to that, you can establish your repute as an authority in the industry by keeping customers posted. In many ways, it will (possibly) lead them to becoming lifelong customers of yours


How to Create a Newsletter Using Microsoft Word Video

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